Color-aid Drawings

As preparation for an immersive spatial installation in 2020, Furnishing Utopia 4.0: Drawing Upon Frameworks,  features hand-drawn conceptual ideations alongside historical drawings and prints from Herman Miller’s archive to contextualize a deeper understanding of modernism’s legacy.

First published in 1963, Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color had radical impact on modern Western art and design education. Developed in 1948 for photography backdrops, Color-aid paper was embraced by Albers and has been a foundational component of color theory courses since. Working with color as material, these drawings create texture, dimension, and dynamic color relationships through a hand embossing process.  

Exhibition–Furnishing Utopia 4.0: Drawing Upon Frameworks, Sponsored by Herman Miller, NYC, USA

Materials–Color-aid paper

Dimensions–18L x 20H”

Photo Credit–Jonathan Allen (silo), Nicholas Calcott (exhibition)