Paperweight, PW01 

Designed for the inaugural exhibition at Fisher Parrish Gallery in Brooklyn, NY (April, 2017). From the official press release, "The paperweight is a small weighty sculpture to which we have ascribed one very simple function (a somewhat obsolete function today). From clearly 'designed' and functional works, to more conceptual explorations of a specific function, The Paperweight Show aims to engage both established and emerging artists and designers in an important dialogue–pushing disciplinary boundaries and allowing for a deeper understanding of the object." 

The paperweight in the contemporary context is a curious object, an odd reminder of a different era with a different set of tools for working. While the paperweight as a utility object is nearly irrelevant in contemporary work culture, it remains a common and often sculptural desk ornament. Paperweight PW01 highlights the paperweight as a utility object with a direct purpose and a vestige of a pre-dominant work culture. 

Exhibition–The Paperweight Show, Fisher Parrish Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Exhibition Press: ArtNews, HyperAllergic, Co.Design, Interior Design, NYT SpainOhio Edit, Format Magazine


Dimensions–6L x .375W x 1H"

Photo credit–Clemens Kois (silo)